Horse Accessories for a Great Ride

Riding a horse is great entertainment that requires a certain level of skill along with all the right horse accessories. It is important that both the horse and the rider are well equipped with the horse accessories and tools necessary for an experience that is both fun and safe.

Horse accessories include a wide range of products that are designed to provide the rider with a good experience as well as keeping your horse healthy, happy and looking spectacular.

Fundamental Horse Riding Accessories

The best way to show your horse that you love him is to provide him with all of the best horse accessories that he needs. Here are a few horse accessories that you should not be without:


Horse Accessories - SaddleThe first thing that comes to mind when you think about riding horses is often the saddle. The saddle is fastened with a girth to the horse’s back and acts as a supportive structure for the rider.

The horse saddles of today are not the simple pads they were in the past. Now, you can find saddles for your horse in a variety of styles. In addition to making sure the saddle is a good fit for both horse and rider, you should also keep the equestrian in mind as well.

Saddle Pads, or Corrective Pads

Horse Accessories - Saddle PadsThe saddle pad, which is also known as a corrective pad, is the pad that will go underneath the saddle on the horse’s back. Corrective pads are used to protect your horse’s back, mitigate the saddle and absorb sweat effectively. These pads, also often called numnahs, serve the same purpose as saddle blankets, but are somewhat better.

A saddle pad is usually thicker than saddle blankets, and is made up of layers of foam, felt and other materials between a tough cover with a soft inside edge for the horse’s comfort. Proper pads will protect your horse from the chronic backache that plagues many horses.

Girth Sleeves

Horse Accessories - Girth SleevesFastening the girth may cause uneasiness and discomfort for your horse. The solution to this problem is girth sleeves. You can find a wide range of girth sleeves available for your horse, such as woollen, quilt, etc.

When you use a girth sleeve, your horse will be able to work for longer periods of time because rubbing against the horse’s skin will no longer be an issue.

These are just a few basic horse accessories that you will need for your horse. Other horse accessories are available, such as wither pads, noseband covers, fleece saddle covers and more.

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